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Comparison of brake shoes and brake pads

Update:30 Sep 2018

Location The main difference between the two different […]

The main difference between the two different types of brake pads and shoes is their position in the vehicle. The brake shoes are placed in the drum brakes, while the brake shoes on the top of the disc brakes act to pressurize these discs when you brake.
The best reason for using the brake shoe is that it is made of friction material that is supplied to the drum. The pad also has some friction, but almost no shoes. This means that when you need a strong breakthrough, the shoe has the best traction and strength, and the pad may have to stop slowly. The brake pads use pressure to force the disk into the car, so you will encounter fewer friction pads than shoes. However, since the pads are also placed under great pressure, you can expect to see these wear and tear as much as the car itself.
Brake shoes are designed to handle a specific friction, wear resistant material. You can also easily find that when the shoes are worn, you will get a weak stop and need more contact on the pedals. This makes it more reliable than the pad, without such a clear warning. Changing the pad is relatively simple and can be managed separately, and the shoe generally does not need to be replaced frequently.
Front or back
Despite the many advantages of brake shoes, when you use drum brakes, you will need to have a rear or four-wheel drive. These brakes can't be used in the front of the car, so if you have a front wheel to drive the car, where the brakes need to be applied to the front car, then you will need a brake pad instead of a shoe. In addition, you can't use the combination of the two, so if you have a drum brake, you can use the brake pads without the brake pads.